Discharger systems by MÜHLHÄUSER are used for safe mucking out on rail construction sites. The vehicles are activated either hydraulically by hydraulic discharging stations or mechanically by mobile or stationary ramps. Our discharging systems can be used on all construction sites by its individual methods and functions.


Self DischargerSelf Discharger

Selfdischarging muck cars up to 30 m³ load capacity for safe tipping by externally operating cylinders. Patented MÜHLHÄUSER design, now the global standard.

This system provides the fastest possible discharging without risk of failure because of the simple and robust  emptying mechanism.

Forced DischargerForced Discharger

Muck cars up to 18 m³ load capacity for safe tipping by externally operating cylinders.

Hydro DischargerHydro Discharger

Anadoluray/Emslaender: Muck car with integrated hydro cylinders for individual discharge which can be remote-controlled. Capacity up to 20 m³.

Rota CarRota Cars

Projects worldwide, such as Consortio TAT at the San Gotthardo base tunnel rely on tailor-made rota car solutions for maximum haulage capacities. 180° rotating car closed and watertight for fast automatic discharge, 2 by 2 cars or up to 5 cars in line.

Floorshaft CarFloorshaft Cars

For lifting off the box only (braked cars) or the complete car in any shaft and simple discharge at surface. This common system is designed and used in a capacity from 1 m³ to 30 m³.

Bottom DischargerBottom Discharger

Box version with a special discharge and locking system for the bottom flaps or built in a compact car system.

Self Discharger · Korsika Self Discharger · Korsika
6580 x 1600 x 2250 mm
15.3 m³


Forced Discharger · Korsika Forced Discharger · Korsika
6400 x 1200 x 1750 mm
9.75 m³


Floorshaft Car · Toronto Floorshaft Car · Toronto
7000 x 1600 x 2800 mm
20 m³