Heinz-Peter Mühlhäuser

Honorary Chairman

Heinz-Peter has been managing MÜHLHÄUSER for nearly 50 years, after taking over the management of the business from his father Karl-Heinz, who passed away after a hunting accident in 1966. Heinz-Peter globalized the company and manifested the iconic reputation of MÜHLHÄUSER, as the world market leader for railbound tunnelling logistics.

Heinz-Peter participated in the worlds largest tunnelling projects amongst them the Tauern Tunnel, the Channel Tunnel, the Stoerebelt Tunnel as well as the worlds largest tunnelling project, the NEAT in Switzerland. He is also responsible for most of the inventions in railbound tunnelling logistics of the last century. Countless more projects have been successfully concluded by Heinz-Peter and his team at MÜHLHÄUSER.

In 2013 Heinz-Peter decided to hand over the shares to his son Hubertus and helped to negotiate the sale of the remaining 50% shares belonging to the other family members to his son, in order to move the business to one single family line. Following the transaction, Heinz-Peter assumed the role as Honorary Chairman of MÜHLHÄUSER and supported the transition and development of MÜHLHÄUSER´s new strategy. He will continue to support the new team with advice and his global network in the tunnelling industry. Heinz-Peter is also a visiting lecturer and speaker at international universities and events, focusing on underground construction.

But most importantly, he now has the freedom to spend time with his wife Heide, as well as with his 6 granddaughters and 3 grandsons, who are happy to finally see their grandfather mainly "above the ground".