Rental Fleet

The largest fleet of rolling stock

For special demands and at short notice – even the best-laid plans cannot foresee every requirement. So it is good to know that rapid solutions are available for short-term bottlenecks.

And rental equipment is also interesting from an economic point of view: MÜHLHÄUSER has the world’s largest fleet of rolling stock available for rent or purchase.

Just ask us – for your urgent needs on site too.

Currently we have more than 1000 units of rolling stock equipment on stock:

Haulage: Supply: Service:
Oneside selfdischargers
Oneside force dischargers
Rotadump cars
Floorshaft cars
Bottom dischargers
Tipping devices
Flat cars
Segment cars
Mortar cars/boxes
Concrete remixers
Silo cars
Tube transporters
Shotcrete pumps
Menrider / Personal boxes
Boom & Basket cars
Cable drum cars
Fire engine cars

We present some special offers below. Please ask for special prices!


Bottom Discharger Box · 4,6m3 (draw) Bottom discharger box · 4,6 m3 Bottom discharger Box · 4,6m3 (thumb)
Cable Drum Car (draw) Cable drum car Cable drum Car (thumb)
Concrete Remixer M12 · 12m3 (draw) Concrete remixer M12 · 12 m3 Concrete Remixer M12 · 12m3 (thumb)
Crane Car (draw) Crane car Crane Car (thumb)
Lowbed Car · 50to (draw) Lowbed car · 50 to Lowbed Car · 50to (thumb)
Mortar Box · 3m3 (draw) Mortar box · 3 m3 Mortar Box · 3m3 (thumb)
Muck Car · 4m3 (draw) Muck car · 4 m3 Muck Car · 4m3 (thumb)
Muck Car · 6m3 (draw) Muck car · 6 m3 Muck Car · 6m3 (thumb)
Muck Car · 10m3 (draw) Muck car · 10 m3 Muck Car · 10m3 (thumb)
Oneside Selfdischarger · 10m3 (draw) Oneside selfdischarger · 10 m3 Oneside Selfdischarger · 10m3 (thumb)
Oneside Selfdischarger · 12m3 (draw) Oneside selfdischarger · 12 m3 Oneside Selfdischarger · 12m3 (thumb)
Peagravel Box · 1,5m3 (draw) Peagravel box · 1,5 m3 Peagravel Box · 1,5m3 (thumb)
Segment Car · TML (draw) Segment car · TML Segment Car · TML (thumb)
Silo Car · 9m3 (draw) Silo car · 9 m3 Silo Car · 9m3 (thumb)
Vessel Box · 3,1m3 (draw) Vessel box · 3,1 m3 Vessel Box · 3,1m3 (thumb)
  Fire engine car Fire Engine Car (thumb)
  Hydro discharger · 12 m3 Hydro Discharger · 12m3 (thumb)
  Mortar car · 20 m3 Mortar Car · 20m3 (thumb)
  Rota dump station · for two muck cars Rota dump station · For two Muck Cars (thumb)